Referral Program – Who Do You Know?

Americans Connecting Americans Referral Program

Our goal is to pay $10,000,000.00 in referral fees as part of our national launch.

We have made it extraordinarily easy to participate in our referral program. Simply take 15 seconds to complete the data fields requested below. Once you do our system will issue you a 5 character referral code.

We will email you a Schedule Any Lesson referral flyer with your personal code on it.

Now you are all set to start earning money while helping your friends and contacts.

We highly encourage you to share your code and flyer on your favorite social media sites and ask your connections to share on your behalf. The more people that see your code the more money you will earn. Please see our FAQ section for payment details.

Every time a new instructor uses your referral code during enrollment they will receive a $1.00 off the monthly rate of $8.99 for 12 months and you will earn $20.00 after the newly enrolled instructor has made their first three monthly payments.

Have fun helping others and getting paid to do it.

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